Area & Circumference of Circles Song

Math Songs

So let’s start with a given point, we’ll call it Point A
From here how do we make a geometric circle shape?
You pick a point here, draw a dot, and then measure
The distance of your dot to our Point A circle center

Now keep on plotting points, that same distance away
Just keep plotting and plotting until we’ve got our full circle shape

Ok your circle’s looking fine, now for some terms to define it
Let’s learn area, diameter, circumference, and what PI is

And start with area
Then the diameter
And how about that circumference
And PI equals 3.14 plus more

Alright so back to point A, our center as we discussed
The distance to the edge of the circle is the radius
And if we extend that line across the full length of the circle
Then we use a D and call this the diameter

But how about the distance all the way around the edge
Here we use the letter C, and call this one the circumference
To find this we use C = D times PI
Or 2(PI) times R if the radius is all that you can find

Alright, so what does this PI number mean?
Ratio of a circle’s circumference to diameter, it’s always

So y’all witnessed from this exhibit that this Pi number’s infinite
It just goes on, on and on, an irrational number that never ends

Ok let’s say your radius is 6
What would be the calculation of the circumference?
So two times PI times your radius of 6
Is 37.69, but remember it’s approximate

The area’s the space the circle takes up on the surface
Area is (PI) R squared an equation of importance
Back to our example, a radius of 6
You’d square it, six times six equals 36
Multiply that times PI and we’ve got our solution
Area is 113.097

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