10 Good Songs to Parody For School In 2018

Nov 5, 2018 | K-12 Education, Popular Posts

So, you’re making your own educational parody song.

Maybe you’re a student working on a school project. Or a teacher looking to spice up your next lesson.

Either way, if you haven’t created an educational parody song before, it can certainly seem like an intimidating task.

The first step is choosing your song topic.

Once the topic is selected, the next step in the process is figuring out which song you should parody. While you can go through the song selection process yourself, our list below makes it a little easier for you.

While there are resources for more “classic” songs to parody, we aim to keep it relevant to today’s popular songs. These ten popular songs from 2018 are the perfect place to start.

Many songs are upbeat, catchy, and have simple lyrical structures. All qualities that make educational parody creation much simpler and straightforward.

As you begin creating your educational parody song, take a look at our song list for some inspiration. Maybe you’ll find a song you love.

Or come up with a new idea to use that bumpin’ song from your Spotify playlist.


1. Drake – God’s Plan

Drake had a pretty solid 2018. It seemed every week he had a new song hitting the #1 spot on the billboards. God’s Plan was certainly one of his top songs of 2018. This song has a groovy beat, simple lyrics structure, and is easy to sing. At Jam Campus, we even made a parody of this song earlier in the year. Check out our version for some inspiration, The Evolution Song.


2. Zedd ft. Maren Morris – The Middle

Another 2018 track that screams “Summer!” This up-tempo tune has one of the catchiest chorus melodies of all time. No matter who you are, it’s hard not to sing out loud. That’s the ultimate sign for a great song to parody for school.


3. Travis Scott ft. Drake – SICKO MODE

Travis Scott dropped this track in summer of 2018 and it was an instant hit. Rocking an extremely catchy vocal melody, this track is easy listening for all ages. Even Drake’s verse near the end is slow-paced and easy for creating educational parodies.


5. Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B – Girls Like You

If you’re looking for easy songs to parody for school, Maroon 5 is often a great place to start. Many of their songs are simple and slower-paced, yet incredibly catchy and memorable. Try ‘Girls Like You’ if you’re looking for a modern parody song in 2018. But they also have many other hits that are good parodies, such as: Sugar, Payphone, Maps, Wait, Misery. Too many to name!

Travis Scott dropped this track in summer of 2018 and it was an instant hit. Rocking an extremely catchy vocal melody, this track is easy listening for all ages. Even Drake’s verse near the end is slow-paced and easy for creating educational parodies.


6. Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown – Freaky Friday

A comedy song that made the Top 10 Billboard charts! If you choose this song, make sure you use the clean version (video above is clean). The original definitely has it’s fair share of explicit content. This song makes the list because of it’s catchy tune and great “groove-factor” when the volume is cranked. It’s important to know that this song is little more complex to parody compared to the others on this list. One complexity is Chris Brown’s extensive vocal range that is tough to replicate. Also, Lil Dicky’s rap verses often flow pretty quickly. If you choose this track for your parody, make sure you listen intently to both Chris Brown and Lil Dicky.



Rest in peace, XXXTENTACION. Sadly, this young musician lost his life shortly after his career took off. He had many tracks hit the Top 100 in 2017 and 2018, but this one was his most popular. The clean version above has a faster tempo than the original. Careful! The chorus of this song gets stuck in your head easily. Good tempo, simple lyrics, medium pace. Excellent choice for a parody.


8. Post Malone – Rockstar

After blowing up on Soundcloud, Post Malone has exploded in the mainstream music scene as a key influence in modern hip-hop. He even has his own line of Crocs shoes! This song has a slow tempo and a lyrical structure that is incredibly easy to follow. And to top it off, it doesn’t require a large vocal range.


9. Bazzi – Mine

If you are looking for a modern pop song for your school parody, this is your jam. Rocking a moderate tempo, unique verse structure, and memorable chorus, this song is a great choice.


10. Calvin Harris ft. Dua Lipa – One Kiss

This jam is a great counterbalance for the previous pop and hip-hop song options. Carrying more of a summer house vibe, One Kiss is a fun, upbeat song perfect for song parodies. The lyrical rhyme structure is simple and predictable, coupled with a memorable chorus. The instrumental section gives you a perfect opportunity to rock some quality dance moves to impress your audience.

We hope these songs get you started with your parody song. Remember that the simplest and catchiest tunes work best for educational parodies. If you need some additional inspiration, watch a few of our Science Songs to stir your creativity. Best wishes and happy creating!