Learn all about the presidency of John F. Kennedy through this educational song. To be used for teachers as supplemental classroom resource or for students as a new study tool. Understand the American presidency of JFK through this educational learning song, The JFK Song.


John F. Kennedy Oh, oh
The 35th president
from 1961 to 1963
Grew up in Massachusetts
1 of 9 children born in 1917
Oh, to a rich family
Irish-Catholic, went to Harvard University
President at age 43
Heroic Navy veteran
John F. Kennedy

Elected to office in 1960
Youngest man to become president
His humored style defeated Richard Nixon
Faced many crises, starting with the Bay of Pigs

Invaded Cuba with exiles and failed outright
But he showed passion for domestic civil rights
Soviets got to Cuba and started building
nuclear base, called the Cuban Missile Crisis

Oh, oh
Fighting against Communists
Tripled forces in Vietnam
John F. Kennedy, Hey-ey
Then he took a trip to Dallas
On November 22nd, 1963

In a convertible limousine
He was assassinated by a man named Lee
The whole world mourned this tragedy
Stood for optimism and grace
John F. Kennedy

Original recording date: December 2015