Lewis and Clark Expedition Song

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Now this is some history all about how
A little group went west and what they found
And I’d like to take a minute, just settle right in
I’ll tell you all about the Lewis & Clark Expedition

In 1803 President Jefferson paid
50 million Francs for some new territory
But that wasn’t enough, he wanted more
Find a Pacific waterway and explore

He knew a couple of guys who weren’t too busy
Put together a team called the “Corps of Discovery”
Set off for adventure and Jefferson said,
“I’ve got a lot riding on this, so don’t end up dead.”

Sailed up the Missouri, day after day
Searching for that Northwest pathway
Encountered all these animals that were new
Crew looked at each other and said, “this is kinda cool!”

Reached the Mandan village after first snow
Then the temperature dropped to 45 below
“Is this what to expect in this new land?”
“Hmmm we might need a new plan…”

Met Sacagawea and her fur-trading husband
Odds to make it west now better than they had been
Smooth sailing west until they hit the mountains
Came across Shoshones while out scouting

The Chief was the brother of Sacajawea
Gave her a big hug and said “it’s good to see ya!”
They were very helpful, those kind Shoshones
A route through the mountains and some ponies

Coming down the mountain, food was scarce
Met a new tribe, The Nez Perce
Offered food and trees, they cut down a few
Hollowed them out to make some canoes

Careful instructions were then delivered
So the crew could set down the Columbia River
After a year and a half, they made it to the ocean
Western settlement would soon be in motion

Ready to head back, their knowledge valuable
With maps and discoveries of plants and animals

Lyrics written by Mr. Baildon and Jam Campus

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