Learn all about the planets of our solar system and the basics of their features through this educational song. To be used for teachers as supplemental classroom resource or for students as a new study tool. Understand our universe through this educational planets song, “The Planets of the Solar System Song.”


Eight, planets exist in our solar system
They all orbit around the sun, our star
Located four closest planets, terrestrial
Surfaces are rockier, small in size

First planet, Mercury
Smallest, filled with craters, temp extreme degrees, second
Venus, size is
Similar to Earth, with clouds sulphuric acid and
Earth, third in line
Water world with oxygen and nitrogen to support life and
Then Mars…dust and cold
Iron oxide, mountains and storms

Most all the astronomers
Note eight planets in our Solar
System, that orbit the sun
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars are
Known as planets around the inner
Compared to outer gassy four
These inner are much rockier
Known as planets, terrestrial

Four, outer planets are called ‘jovian’
Gassy helium, hydrogen, they’re larger
Fifth, Jupiter’s the most massive planet we’ve got
Mostly gas, with a Giant Red Spot, a storm

Sixth is Saturn
Low density and gassy, yellow rings around the outer
Seven is different
Uranus it orbits on it’s side tilted
And last is Neptune
Winds fast, color’s blue

Most all the astronomers
Note eight planets in our solar
System, that orbit the sun
Large Jupiter then to Saturn
Uranus and Neptune next
And last a dwarf planet, Pluto
These inner are terrestrial
These outer planets jovian

Original recording date: January 2017