House Hunting International: Renting in Taipei, Taiwan

Jul 27, 2017 | Travel


And so the hunt begins! One week into our move to Taipei and we have already seen ten different apartments. Based on our size, location, and amenities requirements, below you’ll find our top three apartments that we were choosing between. Overall, we’re both very impressed with the quality of housing options here in Taipei. Plenty of beautiful apartment options in every part of the city. We’ve found our winning apartment and can’t wait to move in this Monday, July 31!¬†

Can you guess which apartment we picked?

Our apartment requirements:
Location: Close proximity to Da’an district (near to my school)
Size: at least 20 ping (710 sq. ft)
Nice-to-haves: natural light, two bedrooms (for guests), nearby MRT, supermarket, and food options

Here’s an MRT map of Taipei City including the school location and our three apartments options.

APARTMENT #1: Zhongshan Station
Cost: NT$35,000 (USD $1,153)
Size: 18.5 Ping (658 sq. ft)

Pros Cons
Open floor plan Furthest distance from school
Natural light Most expensive
Beautiful interior
Best visual appearance!

APARTMENT #2: Linguan Station
Cost: NT$32,000 (USD $1,053)
Size: 26 Ping (926 sq. ft)

Pros Cons
Walking distance to school Outdated bathroom
Largest size Dirty couches and furniture
Natural light No bed or television included
Gym and pool included
Best price!

APARTMENT #3: Da’an Station
Cost: NT$34,000 (USD $1,119)
Size: 18 Ping (640 sq. ft)

Pros Cons
Close distance to school Awkward living room setup
Central city location by many shops and food Small kitchen
Internet included
Great natural light
No agency fee or management fee

And those are the options! Guess which apartment we picked by commenting and we’ll let you know our final decision in the next few hours. All winners will receive one free night stay at our new apartment in Taipei.

Cheers all,