Let me tell you about Bitcoin
simply it’s a currency
like paper money dollars
but on the internet digitally
unlike PayPal or Visa
no central operation
no issue authorization
not backed by any government
Only peer-to-peer transactions
All sales are recorded publicly on the ledger, Blockchain
encoded when you spend them
so you can’t spend it two times, Crypto-currency
which means no one can copy or replicate this currency

So how do you find them? Besides sell and buying
They’re a limited resource so you go by the way of “mining”
Not like the coal kind, but with powerful computers
Solving lots of math puzzles and crunching big numbers

The puzzles started simply, but now they’re very difficult
limit of twenty one, million bitcoins ever in the world
Value spiked from $10-$1200 in 2013
No regulation so it’s often wildly fluctuating

Open Source
No governments or banks can control it
It can’t be counterfeited
Used around the whole world
free international transfers
and it arrives minutes later
Used around the whole world, free transfers, open source

Original recording date: July 2015