What is an Unlisted YouTube Video? Complete Guide

Jan 5, 2021 | Featured Posts, YouTube


As the internet’s most popular video uploading website, YouTube provides creators with a variety of video privacy options. You can upload YouTube videos as public, unlisted, or private.


What is an unlisted YouTube video?

An unlisted video is a partially private video. It will not appear in YouTube or Google search results. However, anyone with the specific video link is able to view and share an unlisted video.

The only way to view an unlisted video is by having the specific URL link to the video. Anyone with the video link will be able to see your video and share it with others.

Why upload a video as unlisted?

There are many reasons why a YouTube creator would choose to upload a video as unlisted. Here are a few:

1. Sharing video with family and friends: You may only want a small group of friends and family to see your video, not the entire world. Unlisted videos make it easy to share videos with groups. But remember, unlisted videos are not private. Your friends and family will be able to share your video with others if they choose.

2. Sharing extra videos with loyal subscribers: Many popular YouTube channels use unlisted videos to share extra featured content. They may choose to send an unlisted video as a reward for only their most loyal fans.

3. Gather feedback on video edits: Unlisted videos are great for gathering feedback. If you’re creating a marketing or training video for a client, or just want a friend to give some feedback, upload as unlisted and share the link with them. It’s a useful way to collaborate and gather creative ideas.

4. Create an online video resume: While job searching, video resumes can help you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t want everyone in the world to know about your job history, upload your video resume as unlisted. That way you can share it with your only your prospective hiring managers.


How to change your video privacy settings

YouTube allows for a series of privacy settings: you can upload as Public, Private, or Unlisted. Access your videos in YouTube Creator Studio to edit your privacy settings.

Under the Visibility column, make sure that the unlisted bubble is selected before saving.

If you’ve already published a video, you can always edit your video settings and switch it back to unlisted. Note that the URL will remain the same when you switch the video to any of the privacy settings.



Published vs. Private vs. Unlisted

  • Public video: Can be viewed by anyone in the world. Published videos show up in YouTube and Google search results.
  • Private video: Can only be viewed by people you invite. Private videos don’t show up in search results. And the people you invite can’t share the video with any other people. Even if they send the URL link to another person, that person won’t be able to view the video.
  • Unlisted video: Can only be viewed by any person that has the link. Unlisted videos don’t show up in search results, similar to private videos. But, unlike private videos, unlisted videos can be seen by any person that has the video link. Anyone with the link can share the video with others.


How to find unlisted YouTube videos


Finding your unlisted videos

If you’re looking for unlisted videos that you have uploaded previously, you can find them by accessing your YouTube Creator StudioIn Creator Studio, select Content on the left menu.

For each video, the Visibility column will show whether a video is public, private, or unlisted.


Finding other people’s unlisted videos

The only way to find an unlisted YouTube video is to have the video link. If you know of an unlisted video, you’ll need to ask a friend or colleague to share the unlisted video link with you.

Unlisted videos can also be viewed in YouTube playlists. If someone adds an unlisted video to a YouTube playlist, that video can be viewed in the playlist only.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are unlisted YouTube videos safe?

While unlisted videos are technically hidden from search results, they can be viewed by anyone with the link. If you’re looking for a more secure privacy setting, make sure your video is set to private instead.

What is the difference between a private and unlisted video on YouTube?

Private videos can only be viewed by specific people you invite, and no one else. Even if the link is shared. Unlisted videos can be viewed by anyone that has the URL link to the video.